Wednesday 6 April 2011

The beautiful promise

The promise you made
Was not for me you'll be made
It was I could be me
And you'd be you
As long as I could be me
And time would flee
On the wings of dreams
And we'd keep wondering
And we'd keep pondering
How was this possible
This bliss, so heavenly, so earthly
Your embrace my sanctuary

My heart skipped a beat
to be broken promises were made
The scorching sun is made for me
You are but a temporary shade
I did not want to go into a slumber
And see a dream that'll fade
Did not want to wake up and cry
I ran to escape the promise being made


  1. It was nice...the feeling was ephemeral..
    would like more emotions from you :)

    keep smiling..

  2. Thanks Alcina for your observation, would certainly keep that in mind.

    Thanks for visiting :)

    Take care

  3. "It was I could be me
    And you'd be you" A beautiful promise from both the souls!

  4. hey..where are you?..wished to read something from you :)

  5. Hi Alcina, Losing the thread... night has come for good and the mirage is not to be seen anywhere.

    I'll write again... but after changing the theme. There is no point pursuing Baldernus, if my presence makes him loose his 'Baldernusness'

  6. RM of Heart Speak introduced me to this.. and I am glad.. loved to read what you wrote..

    Promise...this word itself makes everything false.. when a promise is needed or asked is subtly conveyed that you are not trusted..

    Wish many more could run away from these promises..

  7. @ Ramesh Sood: Thank you so much sir

  8. It's strange how we embark on roads that, we know, will definitely lead us to pain